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Calendar of Events

NameBegin DateEnd DatePrimary VenuesDescriptionHousing NoCommuter NoAge Profile
Corrective Solutions Driving Diversion01/05/201908/10/2019ClassroomCorrectiveSolutions administers the driving diversion program for both Prince George and Anne Arundel county.050Adult
JIFSAN Food Safety Risk Analysis Training Program03/01/201906/28/2019Patapsco BuildingA partnership between UM and the FDS, the JIFSAN Food Safety Risk Analysis Training Program was created to meet the demands of the regulatory and scientific communities within the different federal food safety agencies in the US in the area of food safety and risk analysis. 075Adult
Orientation Staff05/25/201908/17/2019 None390College
NHD Interns05/27/201906/29/2019 None20College
Northwestern High School Graduation05/28/201905/28/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.05400High School
Bowie High School Graduation05/28/201905/28/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.07200High School
National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)05/29/201906/01/2019SSU/ERCA conference focused on important and contemporary leadership issues presented by AAUW Leadership Programs.66040College
Charles Herbert Flowers High School Graduation05/29/201905/29/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.06300High School
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Graduation05/29/201905/29/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.08200High School
Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School Graduation05/30/201905/30/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.07200High School
High Point High School05/30/201905/30/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.06000High School
U. S. National Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp 05/30/201906/13/2019Edward St. John Learning CenterThis study camp trains high school students, selected from national qualifying competitions , to represent the U.S.A. in the upcoming 2019 International Chemistry Olympiad in France. A joint partnership between the American Chemical Society and the University of Maryland Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, participants gain intensive preparation in chemistry problem solving in both classroom and laboratory settings.240High School
The National Orchestral Institute05/30/201906/30/2019The ClariceThe National Orchestral Institute is a four-week program for training the orchestral musician of the future. Designed to address the changing world of symphony orchestras, NOI members develop leadership skills, entrepreneurial thinking, audience engagement tools, all while performing in one of the most talented summer orchestras.470College
Plasma Science Center Meeting05/30/201905/31/2019StampThe 10th Annual Meeting will be an opportunity for the Co-Principal Investigators to share their results within the Center, with our advisory board, with interested colleagues, and with DOE OFES Staff. 060Adult
State Politics and Policy Conference05/31/201906/01/2019Edward St. John Learning CenterThe State Politics and Policy Conference is an annual conference to promote scholarly research and the exchange of ideas in the field of state politics and policy. This year’s theme is “400 Years of Changing Democracy in the States: Honoring the Long Tradition of U.S. Subnational Governance.0120None
Bladensburg High School Graduation05/31/201905/31/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.04700High School
SeaPerch Challenge 201905/31/201906/03/2019Eppley Recreation Center, SPHThe SeaPerch Challenge is an annual competition that brings student teams together from around the world, who have earned the right to compete by winning a regional qualifier. These students have built and designed an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that they will test in a series of underwater challenges and showcase through a juried engineering presentation. The SeaPerch Challenge is managed by RoboNation, Inc., a local non-profit whose mission is to provide a pathway of hands-on educational experiences that empower students to find innovative solutions to global challenges.665455High School
SeaPerch Challenge 2019 Package E Meals05/31/201906/03/2019Eppley Recreation CenterNone01269High School
SeaPerch Challenge 2019 Package D Meals05/31/201906/03/2019Eppley Recreation CenterNone00High School
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Conference 201906/01/201906/01/2019Edward St. John Learning CenterSomewhere Over the Rainbow is a professional development space on sexual orientation and gender identity in international education, including occasional in-person conferences as well as webinar series.The 2019 conference will examine the intersections of LGBTQ identities, migration and international education, and feature presentations and dialogue around these themes. More information and ticket are available on the Somewhere Over the Rainbow website:
Whiting-Turner Summer Interns06/01/201908/10/2019LeonardtownNone100College
Electrical Engineering Summer Programs06/01/201908/10/2019LeonardtownUndergraduate researchers with Electrical Engineering's MERIT program, Biosystems Internships for Engineers (BIEN), and TREND program in telecommunications and nonlinear dynamics.90None
NOAA-NCEP Summer Interns06/01/201908/10/2019LeonardtownNone120College
NASA Astrobiology Summer Research Associates06/01/201908/11/2019LeonardtownNone60None
Rhetoric Society of America06/02/201906/08/2019Stamp, GBR & GBLThe work of RSA is aimed at supporting the work of people who study rhetoric from undergraduate students through senior scholars. In odd-numbered years, RSA sponsors an institute consisting of week-long seminars and two-day workshops on specific topics in rhetoric. This event is designed around the project of mentoring and supporting each other in all phases of our careers.30012Adult
The 14th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC 2019)06/02/201906/08/2019The Hotel at UMDThe conference aims to bring together the leading researchers in the areas of quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum cryptography. TQC covers all theoretical aspects of quantum information.0250Mixed
2019 DUI Institute06/02/201906/09/2019Stamp Student UnionThe DUI Institute is a one-week intensive instructional program for law enforcement officers who desire a comprehensive understanding of impaired driving issues enabling them to take a leadership role in DUI enforcement.025Adult
Bio Inspired Robotics06/02/201908/10/2019LeonardtownMicro-Robotics Interns sponsored by the Insitute for Systems Research (ISR).100College
Combinatorial Algorithms Applied Research06/02/201908/09/2019LeonardtownCombinatorial Algorithms Applied Research (CAAR) is a 10 week NSF funded research program designed to bridge the disconnect between the core algorithms community and research communities in other disciplines within Computer Science.190College
Hong Kong University Summer Leadership Program06/02/201907/07/2019LeonardtownThe Global Leadership & Civic Engagement Exchange Program provides exchange students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with an opportunity to engage in service-learning and leadership development at the University of Maryland. The program aims to develop students’ global citizenship, broaden students' perspective on service-learning through an exploration of social issues and how they are addressed in the U.S. context, and nurture motivated students to become service-learning leaders. This program is a partnership between the UMD Leadership Studies Program and the Office of Service-Learning at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.00College
NSF-REU Summer Program06/02/201908/10/2019LeonardtownNone120College
Technology Management Training Group DOD HBCU/MI Summer Program 201906/02/201908/10/2019Leonardtown 70None
Parkdale High School Graduation06/03/201906/03/2019Xfinity CenterPrince Georges County High School graduation ceremony.06400High School
SuitlandHigh School Graduation06/03/201906/03/2019Xfinity CenterPrince George's County High School graduation ceremony.05600High School
New Student Orientation Program06/03/201906/04/2019North CampusThe New Student Orientation Office hosts various 2-day overnight programs during the summer to help both students and their families as they go through the process of transitioning to the university.670College
New Student Orientation Program06/05/201906/06/2019North CampusThe New Student Orientation Office hosts various 2-day overnight programs during the summer to help both students and their families as they go through the process of transitioning to the university.2370College
ASRC Federal Summer Intern Program06/06/201908/05/2019LeonardtownASRC Federal was established in 2003 to provide oversight and operational services to multiple subsidiaries working with federal agencies. ASRC Federal provides a strong financial platform, establishes standards for efficient operations, and instills a workforce-centric focus. 90College
Northwest High School Graduation06/06/201906/06/2019Xfinity CenterNorthwest High School Graduation08300High School
Walter Johnson High School Graduation06/06/201906/06/2019Xfinity CenterWalter Johnson High School Graduation06400High School
USA Swimming Eastern Zone Diversity Camp06/06/201906/09/2019EppleyEach spring, USA Swimming invites 48 athletes from underrepresented populations to participate in a three-day camp program which includes pool training, motivational and education sessions and team-building activities. Selection is based on times swum at USA Swimming sanctioned events. The purpose of the camp is to instill a vision of success and inspire athletes from ethnically under-represented populations to become leaders in the sport of swimming. This year’s camp will be held at the University of Maryland from June 6-9.780Mixed
Montgomery Blair High School Graduation06/07/201906/07/2019Xfinity CenterMontgomery Blair High School Graduation08400High School
Richard Montgomery High School Graduation06/07/201906/07/2019Xfinity CenterNorthwest High School Graduation06000High School
Gyeonggi Do Fire and Disaster Headquarters06/08/201907/27/2019NoneNone120Adult
New Student Orientation Program06/10/201906/11/2019North CampusThe New Student Orientation Office hosts various 2-day overnight programs during the summer to help both students and their families as they go through the process of transitioning to the university.3590College
The Princeton Review MCAT Prep06/11/201906/20/2019Classroom, Tawes 1105Prepare yourself for the MCAT exam. The Princeton Review offers the most comprehensive live instruction with a team of 4 to 6 subject-matter experts, extensive library of videos, 11 MCAT books, immediate access to online tools upon enrollment, and 15 full length online practice tests including all released AAMC material.010College
Dream Charter School06/12/201906/14/2019 DREAM Charter School’s Nation’s Capital Tour will expose 5th graders to college life, significant historical places and college visits. 630High School
New Student Orientation Program06/12/201906/13/2019North CampusThe New Student Orientation Office hosts various 2-day overnight programs during the summer to help both students and their families as they go through the process of transitioning to the university.3020College
Mark Klimek NCLEX Review06/13/201906/15/2019Edward St. John Learning CenterNone00Adult
Nike Golf Camp 06/16/201906/19/2019 Nike-sponsored youth golf camp255High School
Women's Softball Camp06/16/201906/19/2019 A softball camp for high school girls. 8015High School

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